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connecting a svga display to your chumby

You may think now, i just ripped the idea here, but you're wrong. I wanted to do this since I saw this. The question was where to get a chumby, and where the display. Since I had a spare chumby for a while, tmbinc came up with the idea of recycling this into a chumby mod.
Since the manual of chumby's cpu prooved that 800 by 600 pixels is the maximum supported resolution, the only question left was how the housing should look like. I decided for the solution I first thought of. The ancient frame. Now watch the pictures for the rest of the story.

that's how it all started. the display adapter pcb. beta testing the adapter pcb and modify chumby software... so far it works now! so even chuck is in the house! since i got no laser cutter :( the housing has to be build from wood. (even more green than acryl glass) the display is fitted in testing layout of the chumby parts and adapter pcb. (on top the inverter for display ccfl backlit) mounting the pcbs with small screws surprised? starting to wire all components.. here you see the speaker on the side of frame. frame hanging on the wall of the lab. chumby!!! small circuit patched here, it switches on the ccfl backlit when chumby is powered. some screenshot size comparison.


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