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The Party 99

die party, die ich eigentlich in bester erinnerung behalten habe... nette leute, "very good" demos (finde ich jedenfalls).. alles in allem hats sich gelohnt. das n?chte mal 2001 h?tten wir uns dann auch sparen k?nnen :( schade drum.

rest in peace, party.

the map guiding us to aars chistian arrived with us only roots as you can see, many space in hall 3 - the lamer halls where already very crowded tmbinc hacking the server hall 3 again a amiga sceener elitegroup dominated the party!! gamers and baloons super party organizer trying to fix the network hall 1 hacked windows nt box very lol jokes - the commander on his shirt you can see, he knows good partys :) the party kittchen kindergarden what the sceeners left...


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